It’s still you

2022-04-26 0 By

I took out the bread, ready to feed you, you busy to receive, but accidentally, knocked over the chopsticks.You mumble, put that, that tone, clear, with disgust.I have a moment of surprise, suddenly found that maybe I am not your favorite, but you did not meet a more suitable.Sweet, so abrupt stop, I did not show what, disappointed in the heart, but in a little pile up.There are a lot of times, maybe not too much love, but I blinded, their eyes, all-out, do not want to believe that the cruel reality.You probably, too, sensed the change in me, so you embraced goodbye with a soft kiss.At that moment, there is sadness, there is sweetness, there is confusion, there is hope.I don’t know what the future holds, but I decided to open my eyes and let myself see the reality thoroughly.Love, unreal and romantic, life, but not a clear stream.The best love is, you come, I icing on the cake, you go, I do not retain you.Because you love me, you will not give up, even if again hard again tired, also in the world of mortals, mutually dependent.If you don’t love, why do you have to?Only hope, love indefinite, round and round, or you!