Gaozhou Rural Revitalization!Mechanization boosts Gaozhou into a strong agricultural city

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China well-off net Exclusive features article | “well-off”, Chinese well-off network reporter Gao Rui gaozhou county comprehensive advancement of agricultural mechanization, help improve crop yields, increase farmers’ income.The city introduced a system to ensure the safe operation of agricultural machinery, played the strongest sound of “safe agricultural machinery”, was rated as the national safe agricultural machinery safety demonstration county.Gaozhou is striding toward agricultural strong city from agricultural big city.February 10, in the gaozhou agricultural machinery company in front of the vacant lot, a farmer brother is concentrating on the new purchase of 904 model tractor operation, very skilled.He told xiaokang: “I live in Shizaling street and grow more than 10 mu of rice at home. I bought a tractor and went back to work in the field to serve the surrounding people as well as myself.I’ve been buying tractors at this farm machinery company for more than a decade, from model 504 to the current model 904.I have a license for my farm vehicle and I’m going to drive it straight back.”In the development of modern agriculture, fine cultivation, precise sowing and production using natural environmental conditions are the key factors affecting its sustainable development.Traditional fertilization technology can not adapt to the needs of sustainable development of modern agriculture, agricultural mechanization is an effective way to promote sustainable development of agricultural resources.Gaozhou has been steadily promoting the development of rural revitalization, vigorously developing agricultural and rural modernization, adhere to the integration of agricultural modernization and rural modernization design and promotion.According to reports, from 2019 to 2021, Gaozhou Agricultural Machinery Company will sell 329 tractors (163 in Gaozhou), 173 harvesters (70 in Gaozhou), 202 rice transplanters (45 in Gaozhou), and 37 dryers (19 in Gaozhou).Grab farming time, increase efficiency, agricultural machinery help spring ploughing busy in shapo village, paddy fields are boundless, from time to time over the “buzzing” sound, the reporter followed the sound looked up, there are a few drones hovering over, for rice precision pesticide spraying…This is an epitome of advancing agricultural mechanization in Gaozhou City.Related person in charge of Gaozhou Agricultural Machinery Company introduced: “In 2021, 31 plant protection uAVs will be sold in Gaozhou city.The drone can be used for a variety of purposes, such as spraying pesticides and spreading fertilizer.The largest drones can carry up to 50 kilograms of pesticides, which can be charged directly in the field, making it very convenient for farmers to use.”Gaozhou city aggrandizement agriculture mechanization training, modern agriculture sustainable development is going deep go solid.According to reports, local farmers in the purchase of drones, the need to participate in the city of agricultural machinery company organized training.Rice is planted in Pingyuan, so uav flight operation is less difficult. It takes 2 days for rice farmers to train uav.Fruit trees are planted in mountainous and hilly areas, and it is more difficult for uav to fly back and forth, so it takes 5 days for farmers planting fruit trees to train uav.In recent years, Gaozhou city has given full play to its role as the main force of agricultural machinery, and its modern farming methods are changing its agricultural development.The reporter comes to gao zhou city qing zong agricultural machinery professional cooperative, discovery is displayed here a few brand-new transplanter, raise seedling machine, harvester wait for agricultural machinery.”Compared with traditional manual operations, our automated rice seedling raising machine can not only save labor costs and reduce farmers’ burden, but also ensure the quality of seedling raising and improve rice yield,” said Feng Qingzong, head of the plant.It is reported that each mu of mechanized rice transplanting than artificial rice transplanting yield of about 200 jins.Last year’s late rice harvest has been completed, this year after the Spring Festival to start the New Year seedling work, has received 1,300 mu of rice orders.Feng Qingzong said: “AT the beginning I also do not accept this mechanization mode, I began to use the machine in Gaozhou agricultural and Rural bureau under the persuasion of the staff, found that the effect is particularly good, the output is also improved, my burden is reduced.Now my son has given up his position as a supervisor in an electronics factory in Dongguan and is willing to come back to help. Farmers around us see me using agricultural machinery and gradually begin to accept the mode of agricultural mechanization.”On February 9, Feng Qingzong, a large grain farmer in Gaozhou city, operated the farm machinery he had just bought.In recent years, Gaozhou city combines green planting and breeding with agricultural machinery, and has formed the production mode of “4+5+3+5”, that is, the planting and harvesting links include good seed promotion, seedling raising (seedling), machine tillage machine inserting machine collecting, drying, collecting and storing;Field management links include agricultural supplies, soil testing, formula fertilization, pesticide fertilizer reduction and efficiency, safe use of pesticides, disease and insect control;Training links include planting and raising technology training, agricultural machinery operation training, agricultural machinery use and maintenance;Post-natal links include manure utilization, straw utilization, agricultural products processing, brand building and market sales.System, clear responsibility, played “peace agricultural machinery” loudly and the reporter understands, some farmers to buy agricultural machinery is put into use immediately, but they don’t accept agricultural machinery training systematically, all by himself slowly grope for the experience of agricultural machinery operation, not only affect the service life of the agricultural machinery, also easy to cause harm to themselves and other people’s personal safety.Therefore, in order to ensure that farmers work safely and help prepare for spring ploughing, Gaozhou city pays special attention to the safe production of agricultural machinery.Gaozhou county bureau of agriculture rural party member of pan da fu introduces to the reporter, the city and improve the three-level network “peace agricultural machinery”, the “agricultural machinery” peace work into the city an important agenda, established by the municipal bureau of agriculture and rural areas, the city emergency management agency, city traffic police brigade major “peace agricultural machinery” as the leadership of the leadership team.At the same time, each town (street) also set up the corresponding activity leading group, village level set up agricultural machinery safety committee, linkage to promote the “safe agricultural machinery” activity, the formation of “government leading, agricultural machinery main grasp, department cooperation, social participation” work pattern.Gaozhou targeted force, precise governance, the implementation of agricultural machinery safety production system and accountability system.The city bureau of agriculture and rural areas made the shift of gaozhou county agricultural machinery accident emergency plan “gaozhou county farm machinery safety management work joint conference system” the system of gaozhou county farm machinery supervision and administration of production safety work in “gaozhou county agricultural machinery safety supervision system of post responsibility, and a series of responsibility system, supervision system, responsibility system and work system of rewards and punishments.In addition, the layers of agricultural machinery safety liability form signed, city of gaozhou county, city and town, town and village, village and NongJiShou all signed the farm machinery safety in production responsibility, the responsibility system for agricultural machinery safety supervision to the town (street) cadres, village cadres and village-level agricultural machinery management assistant, form level catch level, level 1 responsible for level 1, multistage LianZe, the responsibility of the zone control system,Ensure the implementation of all work.It is worth paying attention to, Gaozhou city to strengthen hidden trouble investigation and management, to create a “joint law enforcement” mechanism.In 2021, Gaozhou Agricultural and Rural Bureau will carry out a comprehensive inspection of agricultural machinery within its jurisdiction, organize personnel to enter villages and households, take responsibility to post to person, highlight the source management, do see people see cars, do not leave dead competition Taiwan registration information, register all agricultural machinery related information and establish ledger, convenient for future supervision and inquiry.Under the precise management of “Safe agricultural machinery” in Gaozhou city, agricultural mechanization accelerates the development, so that Gaozhou from agricultural city to agricultural strong city.This article was published in the Mid-March 2022 edition of Xiaokang