Female stars of show business plastic surgery, it’s time to stop!

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Now people’s economic conditions are good, pay attention to a beauty, pay attention to a maintenance.It is enviable for a person in his sixties to have a smooth, round face without wrinkles like a girl in her twenties or thirties.It is true that physical beauty can bring people some confidence, but every age has its own unique beauty, and the excessive pursuit of consistency loses its charm.For example, 61-year-old Teacher CAI Ming’s recent photos, every twinkle and smile are full of charm, but this has lost its age should have appearance, but more and more face.Although the maintenance is really good, there are no wrinkles, but her facial features are all compared, and most of the online face-lifting is exactly the same.The trend of plastic surgery in society is gradually open, and the single appearance also makes people’s aesthetic deformity. In this regard, the state and relevant departments have begun to rectify plastic surgery.Zhang Xin Yi Zhang Xin Yi, debut is played zhao Baogang director of the play.Although her appearance in the play has some shortcomings, a little dark skin, chin to cover the sky, thin face, but her exquisite figure, plus her appearance, like the princess of the royal family.It wasn’t until 10 years ago, when she played Lin Xia in Beijing Love Story, that we could see her whole face change.Her face was rounded and less bony, and her eyes were bright and much more beautiful than before.Although her career did not take off, she still left a deep impression on the audience.But she is dissatisfied with the status quo, continue to plastic surgery, feel that the appearance of her face affected her acting road.But in the next play, we see her face stiffening and rounder, and these rounder shapes are a little worrying, and her big eyes sag in comparison to her face.In Time Travel Mystery, netizens noticed that her face had changed again, with her chin becoming more pointed and her mannequin-like features lost.Later, she got married and had a baby. After the baby was born, she became fat and her career suffered, but fortunately she had a happy family.02, Zhang Meng remember the Yang Zhenzhen played in “Xia Jiasanqianjin”?Still have “ancient sword strange tan” in fang Ruqin?These are all the roles played by Zhang Meng. With her classical and gentle looks, she occupies a place in the entertainment circle and leaves a deep impression on us.May be the reason of long-term lukewarm, she felt that her appearance blocked her play road, they began to plastic surgery, but did not think of her constitution is not suitable, the final plastic surgery failed, the whole face began to appear old.So she had her face removed, and even then she didn’t recover.Once pure, classical, wen wan’s appearance has ceased to exist, and she has therefore broken his opera road, no play can be performed, but she did not give up, began to live with goods.Once on a variety show, Zhang Meng boldly admitted to netizens that he had failed in plastic surgery and regretted it.But fortunately, she live with goods income is good, and the company of her boyfriend, they are about to enter the palace of marriage, wish her happiness!In the entertainment industry, there are some people since their debut with a hot search constitution, such as Yang Chaoyue, road popularity is very good.But some people are still lukewarm, like ease.Shu entered the acting world when she starred in her first TV series at the age of five.In the entertainment circle, her works are also many, for example, she and Liu Yifei together in the “Golden Marriage”, although not a big fire, but her gentle and clever looks are deeply popular.We can see that in Qingyun Zhi, her forehead is obviously a little high, which is called hyaluronic acid filled.After the plastic surgery, it is very beautiful at first, but after a long time, you will find that the whole face becomes stiff and full of incongruity.There are a number of entries on the Internet about her failed surgery, which is not obvious, but compared to earlier photos of her, there is a significant change.She may have made some adjustments to maintain her good looks as she aged.However, these adjustments have caused her to lose her original beauty. Let’s hope she can stop the plastic surgery and work on the character to create better work.Chen Xiaoyun Chen xiaoyun plastic surgery has to be said to be the most successful, completely from the appearance of ordinary people into a big beauty, we can see her early years when the whole bone some flat, chin some wide, also known as the so-called square face, so that the face let her facial features are some depression.After the procedure, her whole face is smooth, all features become prominent, and her height makes her gentle and protective.Especially in the latest variety show, she looks like a Disney princess on the run with her perm and bow.After the plastic surgery, Chen Xiaohuan is a lot more beautiful, play road is also open, the whole person is full of confidence.It makes us look beautiful, but we don’t know how long it will last, but once it fails, it will become uglier and the muscles of the face will start to stiffen.05, write in the back of each of us or to have confidence in their own appearance, may be at a time, you on your part of a certain, feel very unsatisfactory, want to repair it a little.But once you get one part of your face, your whole face has to be fine-tuned, and you’re on the road to a permanent makeover.In fact, each of our facial features are the most suitable for our whole face, they are very coordinated.Everyone has his own unique beauty, don’t lose yourself in the pursuit of the so-called consistency, assuming that everyone is obsessed with plastic surgery, all people walking on the street look exactly the same, isn’t it too terrible?Sometimes it’s best to look good!Just like art examination enrollment, all examinees pursue plastic surgery, which is very unfavorable to the development of film and television in our country and the aesthetic development of the public.Everyone looks different, everyone will be aging, about how to maintain, not plastic surgery, but in the bones of confidence and years to bring precipitation.So be confident that each of us is unique and beautiful.