Countdown to Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure?United lock in 3 power forward, rangnick: the team attack is very slow

2022-04-26 0 By

Manchester United have locked up Kane, Harland and Lewin, the daily Mail reported on February 11.United are currently sixth in the Premier League and their champions League position is in jeopardy.United are more than justified, but the question is whether Cristiano ronaldo is really leaving.Front line is weak, this is the recent British media attention to the problem.”If you know the chances that United created, you know that we have to do better on the scoresheet,” rangnick said.Rangnick was clearly unhappy with United’s attacking ability to create chances but score the goals.Perhaps that is what United are trying to do with quality strikers, with 37 league goals already too far behind the top teams.With Kane, Harland and Lewin all capable strikers, United must have a difficult choice.Kane was linked with the red devils last season, but was forced to stay because of the presence of Tottenham boss Levy.Of course, Manchester City’s pursuit of Kane has never stopped, and it makes more sense for Kane to choose City than United.Apart from that, the most obvious reason for Kane’s departure is glory, but Manchester United do not seem to be in a position to challenge for the title.The competition for Harland is even fiercest, with real Madrid, Manchester City, Barcelona and Greater Paris all eyeing the talented striker.From a competitive point of view, it is only a matter of time before Harland leaves Dortmund, once he is ready to go, the next summer window is up for a fight.United have no advantage in the race and, given Harland’s price tag and ability, united are likely to be only a participant.Lewin is easier to deal with, with an adequate offer and salary, everton striker leaving the team should not be too much of a problem.Of course, lewin is an England international and his price is high, but compared to Kane and Harland, lewin should be one of the most cost-effective.In fact, there is a certain element of competition for Lewin, because real Madrid coach is very interested in him, and Harland is also a real Madrid target.It’s all about solving the team’s attacking problems, and it’s almost inevitable that United will bring in a striker, not to mention greenwood’s near-death sentence.In addition, ronaldo’s situation will change, should United bring in Kane, Harland or Lewin, ronaldo’s situation will become very delicate.Cristiano Ronaldo is likely to be dumped by United once a transfer agreement is reached.It should be noted that, according to the British media, Ronaldo has sought to leave the team, perhaps for the benefit of both sides.