Congratulations to Moon Jae-in on Hwang Dae-heon winning gold!Korean netizens angry?South Korean sports scandal deepens

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South Korean media and netizens have not stopped criticizing the two South Korean coaches of the Chinese short track speed skating team.”Traitor” “traitor” “Don’t come back to Korea”…Under such intense fire, The technical coach of China’s short track speed skating team, An Xianzhu, a Korean-Russian, posted a message late at night imploring South Korean netizens not to attack his family.South Korean Internet users have not spared Another South Korean, Jin Shantai, head coach of China’s short track speed skating team.South Korea netizen’s anger affected the domestic namesake, guo-zhong han city official YouTube account also called Jin Shantai responsible director, because in public authority chungju official account interest is very high, although this is not Jin Shantai Jin Shantai, watched the game but some angry south Korean audience to anger by director Jin Shantai.Knowing it is a state media, the south Korean netizens irrational behavior, but the director Jin Shantai or satisfy everybody’s “rage”, in the video, he wore a black eyes flashing, mimicked a pretense of being to do the wrong thing perfectly, he said he requested by users, instead of the coach Jin Shantai to angry south koreans to “sympathy”,He also made a point of referring to the anger of south Koreans who were upset by foul calls against their short-track speed skaters.Watching the video, some South Korean netizens seemed to get a real sense of relief. “(The director) didn’t do anything wrong, but he looked so handsome in apologizing in advance,” was highly praised, and the Chungju city government received encouraging phone calls from enthusiastic citizens.Breathtaking!Day does not understand the night of the black, the operation of this kind of mystery is really not we can understand!Wang Meng, the former head coach of China’s speed skating and short track speed skating teams, said ahn was “recruited by Me from Russia, not From Korea” and that China had given him a coaching opportunity. “Korea has no right to scold him,” she said.Hwang Dae-heon of South Korea won the men’s 1,500-meter short-track speed skating final at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday.The Korean team finally won the gold medal in this traditional strength. I wonder if the anger of Korean netizens has turned to joy.South Korean President Moon Jae-in expressed delight: Hwang won the first gold medal that no one could take away by overwhelming force.It was a feat to erase the grievances of 1,000 meters (men’s short track speed skating).Thank you hwang Dae-heon for showing short track speed skating to Korea…Since President spoke so strong words, Huang Daxian itself is also a strong player, international HuaLian also rejected South Korea will appeal the decision of the appeal, does have a foul, why the south Korean media and Internet users has always felt that he had lost, at the end of a short track speed skating, South Korea is the black face exits, even the reporter the interview didn’t accept it.Furthermore, the naturalization of athletes and the mobility of coaches from different countries are normal. If the athletes are strong, they will be strong. Although they are traditional sports, they can not accept the competition from other countries.China’s table tennis and diving are so enduring that they still need momentum and innovation at any time.What south Korean media and netizens need to think deeply is the problems facing South Korea’s short track speed skating, and even many problems facing South Korea’s sports circle.On The 8th, South Korea also released a report, the report exposed the corruption in south Korean sports, and most of the people in south Korean sports are the subject of investigation.Corruption in South Korea’s sports industry is serious, including embezzlement of public funds, improper subsidies, election fraud in the heads of sports organizations, and even fraud in the recruitment process.In addition, the report also revealed internal irregularities, unfair refereeing, match-fixing, unfair selection of players and coaches, and bullying.The most difficult part is that it is difficult to report and expose, and the punishment is not as severe as it should be.Ahn Hyun-soo, who was attacked by Korean netizens on the Internet, is a good example.Even if Ahn refused to be pushed around by Coach Jeon Myeong-kyu, who could not concentrate on training and was marginalized, jeon reportedly threatened ahn that his life would be ruined if He went to Seongnam City Hall.The reason was that Jeon wanted Ahn to apply for graduate school, but Ahn wanted to concentrate on sports and joined the Seongnam City Hall sports team.And South Korea has won the Olympic champion athletes can be exempted from military service policy, the South Korean short track speed skating team according to this policy developed its own “hidden rule” — new team old champion, in fact, even if the old athletes.Ahn has also clashed with other athletes by refusing to concede gold MEDALS.Sports is not about politics, but about the spirit of competition, but also about solidarity and cooperation. Wherever you do anything, you must be a good person first.After su Yiming, a 17-year-old Chinese snowboard athlete, won the silver medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics, many Chinese and foreign netizens and experts questioned the scores of the judges, especially Max’s mistake that did not result in a penalty.Chief judge Itzhak Sumathic admitted On Sunday that the judges did not see the Canadian team’s mistake in catching su’s board and had already submitted the scores when they realized the mistake.Facing the controversy, Su yiming said that she did not pay special attention to online public opinion and specific ratings.He said he was pleased with his performance, but there were flaws.Next, he will concentrate on preparing for the big platform event.Clean and open, China has gone through the number of gold MEDALS to prove their own stage!However, the Korean media and Internet users, blaming the weak (not knowing the so-called family members or even young children) itself is a sign of incompetence.