What ground rules should you Know when you’re just starting out?

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With the help of a book about life management by Japanese writer Yataro Matsuura, I would like to talk about the basic rules of business and business as a struggling worker.(1) At the beginning of the career, proper etiquette, respect for each other and sincerity are the basis for building interpersonal relationships, but these alone cannot move people’s hearts, and ultimately determine the relationship between the two sides is passion.Devoting your time, energy, and enthusiasm to your work will make you seem like a motor that will spread to those around you.(2) It is more important to be courageous than to be excellent. Therefore, be bold to express your opinions. This is the first step in communication.I think this is inseparable from the environment I have been exposed to since childhood. If I have been exposed to the environment since childhood, it is critical education. No matter how good I have done, I will always be evaluated as “good but still have room for progress”, or I will be insulted if I make mistakes.I hope THAT I can encourage people around me and explore small advantages, but it does not mean that I agree with them. I can still put forward useful ideas and insights at critical times.Also hope oneself express more, even if wrong also doesn’t matter.(3) In business, it is important to deepen the relationship with each other.Therefore, whatever you do, do it with all your might and bury your sensitivity and fear in your heart for the time being.I used as positive music into this system a always wanted to go to the post, to talk to leaders I have been hinted that it’s no big deal, if can’t get the job I am still me, failed sum up experience, success in his new job learning competence, thought leaders agree with me, and help my colleagues and I do a good job handover,Make the work progress smoothly.In short, no matter what the other party requires, you can deal with it. With such determination, you can remain unmoved and not afraid when facing any problems. Let the other party know that you are talking with him with an attitude that you are not afraid of any problems.