Waiting for you to fall asleep and hug

2022-04-25 0 By

Morning, snow fell trees of plum blossom and snow kissed maybe you do not know I just went to the plum tree gently your name again and again I looked at each snowflake like you graceful listen,Snow fell sound much like your fragrance in the pear flower white moonlight tiptoe afraid to break the dream-like beautiful mei xiang long faint heart for heart you also in the courtyard with rain snow we also calculate this lifetime altogether hoary head down a, two, three, I read your affectionate write full sunset qianshan mountain snow into both faint lights your fragrance is flying over mountains, night and I look forward to,Intimacy you listen, MeiXue of love is the most beautiful song in the winter night maybe dream too deep, words too shallow but wushan cloud, the sea water ringing is Mimi from heart heart long dream is the sea amber snow tonight very emotional like a small spring breeze step a lotus out of the window calls a melody nowadays, and the footsteps of intoxicate melting together you see in front of the plum tree,Spore hangs on the branches like a little more red lanterns only when you laugh the whole again, like a red, red dream were kissed by the mei xiang’s fine more alcohol, more just waiting for you and dream of embracing the snow all night because of your ringing silence then move up even if the west wind was also unable to stop to wait for you the joy of the more impatient hong mei decorating a in advance, in front of the two,Three blooming charming smile just waiting for you to travel and come to mei Xiang quietly hand in hand fluttering snow the whole courtyard dressed as mei Xue love powder dream lightly you see, snow, dream have red plum full branches, sweet waiting for your heart, feeling have a “tell my heart” I in three winters, looking forward to