Take a frozen trip in spring

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The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, which attracted worldwide attention, has already passed the half of the schedule, but this Spring Festival holiday, many people have been the winter Olympic athletes of ice and snow sports grass.”A snowflake can hide a whole world,” whether it’s skiing at a ski resort, experiencing speed and passion;Or enjoy ice lanterns, ice sculptures, have fun in ice and snow paradise…Snow and ice tourism is deriving more and more themed gameplay.So follow the Winter Olympics fever and take a beautiful and romantic trip to the frozen world in spring.As the host city of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the snow and ice facilities in the three competition areas of Beijing, Yanqing district of Beijing and Zhangjiakou city of Hebei are all worth visiting.Oval, Beijing wukesong sports centre on the ice, “ice cube” national swimming center renovation, such as the national stadium built in multiple ice and snow sports stadiums and yanqing division 2 competition venue – the national center for alpine skiing and national center, snowmobiles sled at the end of the winter Olympics games will continue to heat continuation of ice and snow sports.And the worship ceremony of zhangjiakou area of hebei, is a recognized is “one of the world’s most suitable for skiing place”, years of snow can reach 150 days long, has the genting ski park, the national center for winter two center, national ski jumping and the national center for cross-country skiing, in addition to stop, too dance, such as the Milky Way several high standards ski resorts, ski heat after jilin changbai mountain…In addition to the standard ice and snow venues, Beijing also has several ice and snow parks and ski resorts to attract ice and snow sports enthusiasts.The nanshan ski resort of Beijing miyun area, for example, here is one of the largest ski resort in north China, and near Beijing only 30 minutes car can reach ski resort, covers an area of 4000 mu, with high, medium and primary 7 ski trails and China’s first international standard half pipe (U), snowboarding, GuAiLing had trained here.The changbai Mountain in Jilin province is the first mountain in Northeast China.The three provinces of northeast China are inescapable places of ice and snow. Jilin Changbai Mountain, “the first mountain in Northeast China”, is one of the destinations that can not be missed in the ice and snow world.Changbai mountain ski resort is built into the size of the first domestic ski resort, located in the changbai mountain nature reserve of the primeval forest, coordinates in two way baihe town, antu county of jilin province, which is based on 16 of changbai mountain peak, south of tianchi, two way baihe, east round pool, the north has the recreational area, such as underground forest ski resorts in the natural condition is very good,There are 9 advanced runs, 14 intermediate runs and 20 beginner runs.If you don’t want to ski, then kayak rafting view rime, super snow loop, snow motorcycle, extreme cross-country, snow balloon, snow hiking and other characteristics of the snow and ice projects can also be understood.At the same time, there is a very useful choice is to go to bubble hot spring, changbai mountain has the most complete in the our country volcanic geothermal resources, belong to high fever since the spill hot springs, the water temperature above 60 ℃, more rich in a variety of trace elements, bubble in the steaming hot spring, while relaxes the muscles and stimulate blood circulation and it looks like a beautiful scenery, the mountains snow, comfortable!If you don’t have enough vacation time to travel too far, shennongjia, Hubei province, is the “green treasure house” of the “roof of Central China”, which is a good choice for you to get up close and personal.Shennongjia, the place is full of mysterious open, with the beauty of biodiversity and many mysteries, different scenery all the year round, spring is green, summer is deep and remote blue, autumn is yellow, gorgeous color, winter is white silver, swim in shennongjia primeval forest xue, think about all heart.There are four ski resorts in Shennongjia area, including Shennongjia International Ski Resort. The ski slopes here are the largest in Hubei Province. Both masters and novices can find their own path here.Second, Shennongjia Zhonghe International ski resort, the ski trail is the longest in central China, the experience is also the highest, and is the nearest ski resort from muyu town, a distance of more than ten kilometers, so that you eat and live very convenient;Third, Shennongjia Longkangping International Ski Resort, as the only ski resort open at night, there are 1 primary and 3 intermediate slopes, the style is very Nordic;Fourth, Shennongjia Tianyan ski resort, small scale, relatively flat terrain, more suitable for beginners and children.By the way, to Shennongjia, must eat local characteristics of food, there is a saying is so said: “eat potato fruit, baked in a knot fire, shao Jiu with preserved meat, in addition to the immortal is me.”Local cured meat, potatoes, lazy tofu can be tried, wild vegetables are also famous.There is a kind of geographical wonder called “ice bubble lake”. It is said that there are only a few places in the world where lakes can be seen, among which Sailimu Lake in Xinjiang is one of the rare “high appearance level” ice bubble lakes.The so-called ice bubble lake is a kind of image, that is, when the temperature drops to the freezing point, the lake is frozen, because the water can release the gas source, so that these “bubbles” are “locked” in the ice, become the ice bubble wonder.At least two basic conditions are needed for the formation of the ice bubble lake. The first is that the water has a source of gas to release. The second is that the temperature of the lake drops rapidly to below freezing point, and the bubbles in the water have no time to “flush” out of the water and become frozen in the ice.So not every inch of the surface of even the most spectacular lake contains ice bubbles, and to follow the footsteps of ice bubbles requires as much endurance, courage and luck as to follow the footsteps of aurora.Sayram lake water area of 453 square kilometers, but can appear ice bubble wonders of the location of the area is not large, and each year there will be different, in addition to the bubble wonders and charming appearance, snow and ice ice northwest of sayram lake and ice crack wonders, likewise, crack area is also every year is different, can produce different displacement,This is also the most attractive place for ice chasers, because every time you see a different Lake, not only the Angle is different, but also the attitude of the ice bubbles or ice cracks is completely different.In which, it was snowy mountains lakes, crystal clear, such as the existence of independent, independent, pure blue sky seems to be that it is difficult to describe projected into the blue white ice, so special and pure and fresh, even will make you produce a kind of illusion “blue ice, clear and deep, mixture of fit between line and shape, is the combination of bubble with ice crack, like light and lightning,Eternal gorgeous.