Suqian Shipping Center Suqian lock “four comprehensive” Spring Festival

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On February 7, the Spring Festival small long vacation has ended, in the Spring Festival holidays, in-depth development of suqian lock suqian on shipping center “two confirmed a strong” special operation, adhere to the practice of beginner’s mind, bear the mission, for the crew does the practical work, problem solving, in an emergency, do a good job during the Spring Festival transportation service, to provide the crew with speed, precision and temperature service,Let the crew spent a safe and smooth, civilized and peaceful Spring Festival.We will comprehensively strengthen epidemic prevention and control.Suqian Lock has written its original aspiration in action, put its mission on the post, and unified the thoughts and actions of all its staff in the decision-making and deployment of the Central Party Committee, forming an “iron wall” for epidemic prevention and control.Strict implementation of epidemic prevention work requirements, staff temperature, wear masks, disinfection work;The implementation of the Spring Festival out of the preparation system, strengthen the personnel out of control, the market must be reported, reported only feasible;Reduce personnel contact, promote online business development, let “more data run, less crew run”, provide one-stop service for crew;To strengthen the publicity of epidemic prevention and control, the Party members’ commandos distributed pamphlets entitled “Unite as One to Fight the Epidemic”, masks, 84 disinfectant and other epidemic prevention and control products to explain the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control.Online publicity on epidemic prevention and control has been strengthened, and crewmen have been urged to reduce visits, visits and dinners during the Spring Festival through voice calls and shipping messages, and take scientific precautions to ensure “distance between epidemic prevention and control and zero distance between heart-warming services”.Overall compaction safety production responsibility.Strengthen safety awareness, set up safety awareness of the red line and the bottom line thinking, strengthen the study and implementation of the North Of Jiangsu Province, Suqian Navigation Center on the Spring Festival travel rush to do a good job in the safety work of the relevant requirements, effectively do a good job in cold and frozen weather prevention and response work;Carry out hidden danger investigation, check the operation site, mechanical and electrical equipment, power distribution room, bus boats, etc., and timely rectification, timely feedback;The safety guard is strengthened, the 24-hour duty system is implemented, and the leaders and on-duty directors carry out irregular post inspection and timely disposal of problems. During the Spring Festival, Suqian lock has carried out underwater cleaning and equipment maintenance for many times, ensuring the safe operation of the lock.We will ensure the unimpeded passage of all waterways and the safe and unimpeded passage of locks.The traffic control inspection center strengthens the management of waterway inspection, and insists on more than two waterway inspections a day during the festival to maintain the waterway order and ensure the smooth flow of the waterway.The operation and control center timely releases information through ship information, telephone, voice broadcast and other forms to inform the crew of the weather, water level, waiting for the lock and other conditions, so that the crew can prepare for the lock in advance;Flexibly adjust the scheduling plan, optimize the working method according to the actual situation of the small number of ships waiting for locks during the Spring Festival, give oral notice before formal scheduling, realize the release at any time during the festival, let the crew do not wait for locks, do not stop, improve the speed of the ship passing the locks;Command the front of the operation site, announce the orderly docking of ships according to the designated stalls, manage the order of entry and exit and docking on the site, ensure the orderly entry, docking and exit of each gate, and maintain a good order of entry and exit.We will comprehensively improve convenient services for the people.Suqian Lock has carried out the special action of “Two in two with one” and “two guarantees and one strong”, combining the Spring Festival transportation service with the deepening “I do practical things for the masses” to warm the way for the crew to return home.During the Spring Festival, volunteers of Suqian Lock carried out two occasions of holiday condolence and safety publicity, offered system solutions to the crew, taught the crew how to operate the ship’s message and scan the wechat public account of the concern office by hand, and made the crew familiar with the operation process, handle relevant business and browse industry information.Before and after the Spring Festival to carry out “small voyage” warm New Year greeting activities, “Happy New Year” and “happy New Year” blessing into the daily scheduling, consulting solutions, the New Year’s blessing accurately sent to every gate crew friends;The party members and young volunteers send gifts such as Spring Festival couplets, “fu” and food to the crew to express sincere wishes for the Spring Festival. They also take the initiative to help crew members paste paper-cuts and Spring Festival couplets to create a harmonious atmosphere of “one family on the ship”.(Chen Fei and Hu Xiaowen)