Intelligent nitrogen blower | Fully automatic intelligent nitrogen blower, Prince Hong

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The intelligent nitrogen blower is a new concentration and fixed volume product developed and designed by Prince Hong based on the needs of testing experiment, from the perspective of convenience, safety and stability, to achieve the functions of quasi-determination of volume, data transmission and batch concentration to the greatest extent, so as to achieve the flexibility and high efficiency of pre-processing experiment.Number of channels: 12 channels;Support group control: two groups of independent control, each group of 6 channels Operating interface: 7 inch touch screen operating system: Android 8.0 or above CPU: quad-core, 1.8ghz RAM: 2GB Flash: 8G External interface: support bluetooth, WIFI, USB, SD card and other communication modesEach nitrogen blowing channel is equipped with air flow fine-tuning valve with digital dial, which can be adjusted independently. Water bath heating adopts PID precise temperature control, and is equipped with quick-plug drain water bath temperature: room temperature ~95℃ (±0.5℃) nitrogen blowing time: 0-9999s Air consumption:Under the purge air pressure (0.1mpa), each channel is about 500mL/min (about 17cfm) with water bath lighting window, easy to observe the sample concentration state at any time.Nitrogen intelligent start/close: automatically start nitrogen blowing after the water bath reaches the set temperature to save nitrogen;After the concentration is completed, the nitrogen valve is automatically closed, and the parameters such as water bath temperature, concentration time, nitrogen needle lifting state, lifting time, lifting rate can be adjusted by sound and light alarm, and the status can be displayed in real time