How to choose cygnet washing machine?Recommended home model

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According to big data, cygnet washing machine is one of the best brand reputation, in the domestic washing machine brand, cygnet washing machine is very reliable.Cygnet washing machine and Haier washing machine are basically the same in quality, but the overall cost performance aspect, cygnet washing machine is a bit higher, and cygnet water magic cube series, in the aspect of protecting model protecting color, also want to be better than Haier washing machine.But how to choose a cygnet washing machine?Let’s take a look.Want to see like wave wheel washing machine or drum type washing machine above all.Both have their own advantages, wave wheel washing machine is relatively more cost-effective, but if it is a high cost performance wave wheel washing machine, generally no sterilization, mites removal function, high-end wave wheel is also very good in configuration.But the price is also very high.And drum washing machine has become the washing machine type of current mainstream, present drum washing machine has shortcoming not quite apparent.In the previous drum washing machine washing machine time is still very long, electricity consumption, cost water.Now these shortcomings have been basically changed, and the drum washing machine also has sterilization, mites removal system.If it is for family use, it is recommended to choose the drum washing machine first. If it is a rental house, or the use of small space, wave washing machine is also worth recommending.Decide to choose wave wheel washing machine, or drum washing machine, choose appropriate washing machine according to budget again can.Cygnet wave washing machine recommended: Cygnet wave washing machine (TB80V23H) main selling point: health free cleaning, healthy mite removal washing good things Comments: more suitable for rental housing wave washing machine model, capacity is 8 liter, the space is relatively small, the price is about 939 yuan, the function is very complete, can meet the family use.Moreover, this kind of clothes has the function of no-cleaning and healthy anti-mite washing, which is very suitable for children’s clothes. Generally speaking, it is very suitable for family and worthy of the price.Stainless steel inner tube with diamond grain can reduce the wear of clothes.With multi – wash program, 9 – hour reservation function.Cygnet wave wheel washing machine (TB100V61WAH) main selling points: nano silver ion sterilization WIFI intelligent control toughened glass door cover Good things: This is loaded with nano silver ion sterilization wave wheel washing machine, relatively speaking, the grade is relatively high, very suitable for family use.And the price is also very affordable, the general activity price of 1399 yuan, sterilization is very good, can reach 99.99%, washing procedures is up to 10, to meet the different needs of families.Upgraded healthy clean bucket, deep mite cleaning, very clean laundry, hurricane water flow, but also reduce entanglement.Cygnet drum washing machine model recommendation: Cygnet pure series drum (TG100VT096WDG-Y1T) main selling points: active enzyme sterilization 100% mites removal good things Jun comments: if the pursuit of practicality, high cost performance, then certainly recommend this drum washing machine.It belongs to 10 kilograms of large capacity, and in addition to bacteria, mites in addition to excellent effect, mites in addition to 100%, 99.99% sterilization, hand price 1869 yuan, can be said to be very cost-effective.But also with a variety of professional washing procedures, including 15 minutes of quick washing, such as a level of energy efficiency, energy saving and low noise.Cygnet Water Rubik’s Cube series roller (TG100V86WMDY5) main selling points: 16 kinds of washing procedures Water Rubik’s Cube cold water washing good things Comments: Pure series is the roller’s cost-effective series, if the cygnet water Rubik’s Cube series, then certainly this model is the most cost-effective.Although not equipped with ultra micro bubble washing function, but there is water magic cube cold water washing, in the protection of color protection effect is very good.And without hurting the clothes, the cleaning ratio is as high as 1.07, which is very impressive.At the same time, it carries 16 professional washing procedures to meet different needs.Conclusion: The above are the models with the highest cost performance and the most worth starting with. If you don’t have your favorite model, you can also click on the official authorization channels to find the right model and buy it again.In addition, about the quality of cygnet respect, actually everyone can be at ease, with respect to the author’s family, also is cygnet washing machine, a few cygnet washing machine had been used ultra high five years, did not discover what small problems.