How does dalian university of Technology obtain employment, where did undergraduate course graduate go

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The annual graduation season for students who are about to step into society, in addition to excessive other sentimental, more is a bright future, the future can be a good blessing.Some people prepare hard for the entrance examination, some people are busy for the internship, and some people send out resumes for many times, rushing about on the way of the interview, just to get a satisfactory salary, good prospects of the offer.But the reality is often cruel, as the number of rejection increases, we will understand: a successful job search is not a matter of a day, but the school and each class of students for four years of accumulation and efforts.Therefore, today xiaobian on the employment quality is very high in Dalian University of Technology as an example, and we talk about employment those things.The undergraduate employment rate of DUT has always been around 95%, among which there are many majors with a 100% employment rate. Every year, nearly one quarter of the graduates successfully join the world’s Top 500 enterprises.In addition, the professional matching rate of their overall employment is very high, and some colleges even reach more than 90%, such as school of Software, School of International Information and Software, Department of Engineering, School of Physics, School of Energy and Power, etc.In addition, according to the employment satisfaction survey released by DUT, both employers’ evaluation of duT students’ working ability and students’ recognition of duT’s efforts in promoting employment and their own job satisfaction are very high.Therefore, the employment situation of Dalian University of Technology is a win-win situation among three parties.So, from the perspective of employment, what efficient measures has DuT done?The first is an important trend in the development of colleges and universities — school-enterprise cooperation and expanding employment channels for graduates.Dut takes employment as its orientation and arranges in advance to carry out industry-university-research cooperation with high-quality enterprises in various fields, providing its students with many platforms and opportunities for innovative practice, cultivating students’ innovative practice ability and laying an important foundation for future internship and employment.Such as the three Gorges Group, Beikong Water, HNA Group, Liaohe Petroleum, Skoda China, Southern Surveying and Mapping, China Electricity Science, Volkswagen FAW and other enterprises, as well as China Software, Huawei and other enterprises school-enterprise interaction and so on.In addition to the “open source” employment channels, the construction of employment information channels and guidance services of DuT also played a significant role.Dut and many high-quality enterprises provide students with more employment information and job requirements through offline and online campus publicity, dual selection, air publicity and other forms, and build a bridge for job hunting.In terms of employment guidance, the department and college regularly carry out employment guidance consultation, one-to-one consultation by experts, all kinds of special lectures on career planning and enterprise introduction.There are also a series of activities such as mock interview, one-to-one resume modification, career planning contest and resume contest, which play a lubricant role in promoting the smooth employment of their students.Therefore, on the whole, DuT has its uniqueness in promoting the employment of students, which effectively promotes the overall improvement of the employment quality of the university to a large extent.Finally, about the employment situation of Dalian University of Technology, welcome everyone to leave a message in the comment area, we will see you next time!Pay attention to “All things College” for more original interpretation of the university!