Good news from Lianyungang Polytechnic

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At the beginning of the New Year, Lianyungang Vocational And Technical College has gained a lot of honors. It has won many national, provincial and municipal honors.Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission has issued the Notice of Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission on The Recognition of Jiangsu Engineering Research Center in 2021 (HIGH Technology Development of Jiangsu Development reform [2021] No. 1368), and it has been listed as Jiangsu Visible Light Catalytic Materials Engineering Research Center in 2021 by Lianyungang Vocational and Technical College.This marks that Lianyungang Polytechnic has a higher platform for material engineering technology innovation and research and development, which will strongly promote the development of related disciplines and specialties.”Landmark clock in red, youth about acting as” history of the party in colleges and universities in jiangsu province education good case study for fully demonstrate the features of the history of the party in colleges and universities study education and highlight, deepen the party history learning education result, recently, the jiangsu provincial education committee announced the party history education excellent case study selection result, lianyungang professional technology institute “landmark clock in red,”Youth Propaganda and Practice” won the theme of practice outstanding cases (a total of 46 in the province).Lianyungang Vocational And Technical College “Punch red Landmarks, Young People preach and practice” special practice education action to forge a strong sense of community of the Chinese nation as the main line, based on more than 100 red landmarks in 21 provinces and autonomous regions across the country.Organization between teachers and students use their summer vacations to revisit oath, visits, “heart” song relay, interactive immersive, with emphasis on the classroom, such as hard a good advance party history condensation of speaking practice, the unity of the nationalities “is intimate friends the bridge”, let the teachers and students in interactive learning education experience faith strength, persist, red veins, in the social practice of hot stimulate feelings, casts bear responsibility home countries.”Punching red landmarks, youth propaganda and practice” is one of the highlights of party history education innovation activities of Lianyungang Vocational and Technical College.Since the party history study education in lianyungang professional technology institute the party earnestly implement the central, provincial municipal party committee decision deployment, according to the history of understanding, learn to learn history of credit, learn chong-de shi, practice request, insist on the careful arrangement of systematics, abundant carrier of in-depth study, solving problems financing, national unity together, to build multi-level party history study education platform,To achieve the organization and implementation of strength, innovative methods, resource carrier has expanded, based on the quality of education, into the work has actual results, so that the party history learning education “heart” and “new”.Won the honor of 2021 provincial summer vacation “Three rural” social practice activity advanced unit recently,Provincial Party Committee publicity Department, provincial Civilization Office, provincial Department of Education, provincial Youth League Committee, provincial Student Federation issued the notice on announcing the list of advanced collectibles and individuals for the “Three Trips to the Countryside” Social Practice Activity of College and Secondary School Student Volunteers in summer vacation in 2021 (League and Soviet Union Committee no. 30, 2021).The Youth League committee of Lianyungang Vocational and Technical College was awarded the provincial advanced unit of social practice of “Three Rural Areas” in summer vacation. The two practice groups of “Red Pomegranate” Employment and Entrepreneurship Mutual Aid group and the First Road “Business” were awarded the outstanding team. Two students, Bai Ma Sandin and Sang Yongjie, were awarded the advanced Individual and Mr. Gao Yun was awarded the advanced Worker.”Rural Road Life protection Project Construction investigation — Sucheng District of Suqian City as an example” was awarded as an excellent research report.Sliding view on the published in 2021, the province college student volunteers summer culture science and technology health “a program under which officials” social practice advanced collective and individual list notice left at the first national vocational colleges construction safety skills contest won success in recent days, the first national vocational colleges students of civil engineering “starfish valley cup” construction safety skills contest held as scheduled,Due to the epidemic, the competition adopted the online competition mode, and 210 contestants from 63 middle and higher vocational colleges participated in the competition.School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, in line with the idea of promoting teaching, learning, reform and construction through competition, after more than two months of careful preparation, three teachers, Zhu Jinjun, Tang Xiaoping and Liu Xiaoli led three students, Gao Junming, Gu Ying and Du Shangkun, to participate in this competition.After wonderful competition and fierce competition, Gao Junming won the first prize, Gu Ying, Du Shangkun won the second prize, Zhu Jinjun won the award of Excellent instructor.Vocational skills contest in jiangsu province in 2022, art flower arranging projects won success on January 9 to 11, 2022 sponsored by the department of jiangsu province in jiangsu province department of education of higher vocational colleges skills contest, lianyungang vocational and technical college school Ding Jiumin Feng Lei garden 191 class teacher guidance won second prize in the artistic flower arrangement in events.The competition included two competitions, traditional Chinese flower arrangement and modern flower creation, with 57 teams competing fiercely.The competition was highly valued, cared and supported by the school leaders and all departments. The school leaders visited the teachers and students for many times to give guidance and sympathy, which greatly enhanced the confidence of the teachers and students.During the preparation period, the participating teachers and students actively prepared for the competition and trained hard, which laid a solid foundation for the competition to achieve new breakthroughs.The skills competition make the teachers and students won the foreign exchange platform for reference, in order to promote teaching and to promote constantly promote specialty construction and teaching reform, and gradually realize the professional construction and industry development docking, course content and professional standards and docking, talents cultivation process docking with the enterprise practice, improve quality of talent cultivation and social recognition and influence.Recently, the Publicity Department of the CPC Lianyungang Municipal Committee, The Society of Ideological and Political Work of Lianyungang City, and the Office of Social Science Planning of Lianyungang city issued the “Decision on Praising the Outstanding Research achievements of the Ideological and Political Work of The city in 2021” (No. 5, 2022).Lianyungang vocational and technical college quality supervision department and supervisor office li qian Joe teacher wrote the analysis in the network security ideological education of college students “ideological and political work in the city won the 2021 research results first prize, the ideological and political theory education in zhang hong the teacher wrote the history of the party education into the path of ideological and moral cultivation and legal basic course teaching research won 20The second prize of municipal ideological and political work research in 21.Lianyungang vocational and technical college party construction of the party attaches great importance to the education theory research, based on the new era of vocational education reform and development of the new situation, the full implementation of the new era of party construction general requirements, the implementation of khalid ents fundamental task, with innovative thinking research party ideological work, to do a good job of party construction education with service consciousness, to the party’s construction of high quality high quality lead the school development.Lianyungang professional technology institute will continue to adhere to diversified social practice as a platform, continue to promote the “big education courses” practice education, leading all the youth in the long practice of education, talents and make a contribution, it combined with the reality of “big education courses” to promote formation of “whole” practice educational system, accelerate the progress of teachers and students grow together, and so, bring out the best in each other.☞ Lianyungang traffic police issue important reminder!
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