“Flowers for Lei Feng” activities will continue throughout the year, please tell us about your “Lei Feng”

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“Hello, I want to recommend ‘beside Lei Feng’…”The news of the launch of the large-scale public welfare activity “Flowers for Lei Feng” in 2022 swept the whole city like spring breeze.On February 18, after seeing the news of yanzhao Evening News looking for “nearby Lei Feng”, many citizens enthusiastically recommended good people around, one day, there were more than 20 Shijiazhuang “Lei Feng” into the recommended list.Yesterday, our 24-hour news hotline 96399 rang from time to time, citizens have recommended “beside Lei Feng”.From the retired to the students, the good deeds and good deeds are known through their stories, touching people, but also proud. Shijiazhuang is a civilized city full of good people.Mr. Wu in Shijiazhuang called to recommend the “side of Lei Feng” is the provincial capital 66-year-old Aunt Tian.On the night of February 3, Wu lost his clothes, including a wallet containing 1,000 yuan in cash and identification papers. The clothes were picked up by Tian that night.After finding so much money in her purse, Tian went to the place where she picked up the clothes early the next morning, posted a notice and called the police, and finally found the owner, Mr. Wu.”She is the ‘side of Lei Feng’ I met, we shijiazhuang or kind-hearted people!”Mr. Wu said bluntly.Shenze County Mr. Li called, he would like to thank shenze County public Security Bureau Interpol a squadron of three auxiliary police Li Haonan, Liu Yun Qi, Li Xiang.Mr Li’s 12-year-old son fell through the ice while playing on a frozen lake in the park on Jan 27, 2022.Three “after 00” auxiliary police officers who were patrolling nearby quickly launched rescue efforts.Luckily, the boy was rescued.”In order to save the child, the three of them, regardless of the danger, rushed to the ice, and later fell into the frozen lake, working together to save the child.They are the saviour of our children, the people’s police for the people, reflected in them, they are in my eyes’ side Lei Feng ‘, I hope to send them flowers to express respect and thanks!”In the telephone, Mr. Li said excitedly.In addition to shijiazhuang citizens recommended “beside Lei Feng”, the news also spread to Mr. Zhang in Guangzhou ears.Yesterday noon, Mr. Zhang called, recommend Shijiazhuang “side Lei Feng” : “Shijiazhuang public transport as shijiazhuang window unit, their quality is very high, I recommend the bus 32 road team of Liu Zhanxing!”Originally, Mr. Zhang from Guangzhou came to Shijiazhuang on a business trip. During the bus ride, he accidentally left his mobile phone with important technical information on it on the bus. It was not discovered until he left Shijiazhuang.After finding the mobile phone, Liu Zhanxing contacted Mr. Zhang and learned that Mr. Zhang could not come to Shijiazhuang to pick up the mobile phone recently. Liu Zhanxing learned of Mr. Zhang’s specific address in Guangzhou and sent the mobile phone back by express delivery.”The spirit of serving the people really touched me, he shijiazhuang bus people are my eyes’ side Lei Feng ‘!I would like to recommend him, but also to learn from him this lei Feng spirit, Shijiazhuang people are really warm!”Mr. Zhang was moved to say.This year’s “Flowers for Lei Feng” activity will continue throughout the year. You are welcome to honor the anti-epidemic heroes, moral models, outstanding volunteers, advanced figures who have made outstanding contributions to the construction of a “modern, international and beautiful provincial capital city”, and the good people around you who have helped others, returned money, and enjoyed helping others.And the kind deeds of mortals who have helped and warmed you.Once the recommended “Nearby Lei Feng” is confirmed, we will send them a bunch of flowers by mail and other ways to express our gratitude and respect on behalf of the referees.How to participate: 1. Participate through the Yanzhao Evening News Hotline, 96399.2. Participate through shijiazhuang Radio and TELEVISION FM94.6 traffic frequency, hotline: 96946.3. Search the wechat official account of “Volunteer Shijiazhuang” on wechat and click the link of “Flowers for Lei Feng” on the menu below to participate.4. Search Shijiazhuang Civilization website or Shijiazhuang Volunteer Service website on Baidu and enter the link of “Flowers for Lei Feng” to participate in the activity.5. Participate by email: xhslf2022@163.com.Yanzhao Evening News rong Media chief reporter Nan Kaiyu also made a special Lei Feng emoticons this year to download and use it