Cost-effective family choice of four popular compact SUV recommendations

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100,000 to 200,000 yuan is the car purchase budget of most ordinary families.So in this price range, the most important thing is value for money, followed by reliability and availability.In addition to some self-branded products, there are also products to meet the needs of this part of consumers in the compact SUV camp of joint venture brands.Today we recommend the recent popular four joint venture brand compact SUV.Today, we have selected four compact family SUVs with very high cost performance and strong practicability, including the newly launched GAC Toyota Fernanda, kia Smart Car, Beijing Hyundai IX35 and JIANGling Ford Lingjie S.As for the specific model selection, we chose the top-matching model for the four models due to their low price.Then the strength of these four models will be determined by comparison.From the appearance, the four cars are all compact SUVs with household style. There is no exaggerated modeling in the design, and they are all relatively regular, but they do not lack the breath of youth and fashion.The appearance of Fernanda basically continues the design of the Japanese Version of the Corolla Cross. The combination of the left and right sides of the downward mesh front grille and the sharp headlights gives a stylish and domineer feeling, which is in line with the aesthetic of young people.Unlike the Fronlanda, the smartrope has a more conventional front face design, but the new car offers different front face designs depending on the power. The 2.0-L model has a straight waterfall design for the intake grille, while the 1.5-T model has a dot-matrix design to meet the aesthetic needs of different consumers.The design style of THE collar S is quite different from the other three models, belonging to the typical tough guy image, the front face and the body are quite muscular.Modern IX35 is more young and fashionable, with the use of a large number of horizontal and vertical lines and parameterized net, the overall look of personality avant-garde.In terms of body size, the leader S has an obvious advantage, leading the other three models in terms of length, width and wheelbase. In particular, the wheelbase reaches 2716mm, which ensures good longitudinal space. Moreover, the tire size is more advantageous than other models.Ix35 is ahead of the other three models in height and has certain advantages in head space.In terms of external configuration, the four models are all equipped with relatively practical keyless entry + keyless start function. The difference is that Smart Racing and IX35 only have keyless entry in the driver’s seat, which may be inconvenient for daily use.But both the Smartwatch and ix35 have Bluetooth keys, while the other two models don’t, making them better at smart technology.In addition, the four models only fenglanda equipped with electric induction rear door, compared with the other three models more practical.In addition, the Fernanda is the only one of the three models that doesn’t have a remote start function, which could be improved.In addition, in terms of lighting configuration, the four models are equipped with LED far-far lights, among which The Fronlanda and the LEADER S are also equipped with matrix headlights, a stronger sense of science and technology.But only the Fernanda and IX35 come with adaptive near and far light, while the Smartway requires an optional feature that the Collar doesn’t have.Appearance summary: From the perspective of appearance design, although the four models have their own characteristics, the overall shape presents a young and personalized visual effect.Comparatively speaking, fenglanda as a newly launched model, in the design of more young.The Smartrope and IX35 are more homely, while the collar S is a bit more rugged.In terms of external configuration, Fenglanda is obviously better, with unique induction electric tail door function, which increases convenience.Matrix headlights and adaptive near-far lights also add to the technological feel.However, there is no remote startup function, some pity.The other three models have not opened too big a gap, basic functions are not missing, can fully meet the needs of daily use.In terms of interior, fernanda and Smarcar both use a floating central control screen design, but Smarcar’s interior design looks more stylish, mainly due to the addition of color contrast and other designs.The interior design of Feng Landa is very similar to Ling Shang, the overall partial simplicity, in line with the aesthetic of consumers who pursue simple design, but the fashion sense is not as obvious as the appearance.The central control screen of COLLAR S and IX35 adopts built-in design. The modelling of collar is simple and generous, and the lines are smooth and natural. The most important thing is that the central console of COLLAR S adopts a large number of packages made of soft materials, which gives a better performance of advanced sense.The general layout of IX35 is still familiar to everyone. The layout of “T” shape cabin is symmetrical and simple. Through the application of a large number of arc lines, ix35 tries to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.In terms of multimedia, the size of the central control screen carried by the four models is not very large, among which the 10.4-inch central control screen of Beijing Hyundai IX35 is the largest among the four models, while the 9-inch central control screen of Fengda is the smallest.However, the configuration level of the four models is similar, such as mainstream Bluetooth phone, navigation, intelligent voice control and Internet of vehicles and other functions are not absent, fully meet the daily use needs of consumers.In addition, The Ferlanda and The COLLAR S also support OTA upgrades, while the other two models are not equipped with them, which is slightly inadequate in terms of subsequent software and hardware expansions.In terms of interior configuration, only fernanda and Lingyi S of the four models are equipped with leather steering wheels, while the steering wheels of the other two models are leather wrapped.The air conditioning of the four models also adopts automatic air conditioning, which is very in place in terms of creating advanced feeling. However, only Fenglanda is equipped with temperature partition control, which is better in practicality than the other three models.The Collar S, however, outperforms the other three models with its rain-sensing wipers.In addition, Lingjie S has obvious advantages in seat functions, with the front seats supporting seat ventilation and heating functions and better comfort performance.Interior summary: The four models in interior design performance is similar, but the basic functions are relatively complete, the use of materials is also worthy of affirmation, a large number of leather and metal material.In terms of configuration, Ford S is relatively more perfect, enjoying the exclusive rain-sensing wiper and large-size LCD instrument. The other three models have their own choices in configuration level, but the overall level is almost the same.In terms of power, only Fernanda is equipped with a 2.0L self-priming engine among the four models, while the other three models are equipped with turbocharged engines.Among them, Smartrope and Lingjie S are equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine, while IX35 is equipped with a 1.4T turbocharged engine. Smartrope leads other models in terms of parameters and performs better.In terms of gearbox, smartrope and IX35 are equipped with 7-speed dry dual-clutch gearbox, while Fenglanda and Lingye S adopt CVT continuously variable gearbox, which has obvious advantages in power performance.Power summary: From a comprehensive comparison, smart running has an advantage in performance parameters.The border S and ix35 are more similar in performance, while the Fernanda’s advantages lie in ride and better fuel economy.In terms of vehicle seating space, the four models are all positioned as compact SUVs with little difference in seating space performance.The collar S wheelbase is more than 2700mm, and the longitudinal space performance is better.The other three models are relatively close and can also meet the daily use.The Beijing Hyundai IX35 is ahead of the other three in height, so in theory there will be more headroom in the back.In terms of storage space, the number of storage cells in the four models is sufficient, the space size of the central handrail box is almost the same, and the internal space is relatively smooth.It is worth mentioning that the central armrest box of THE COLLAR S is split open, which is more practical than the other three models.In addition, Beijing modern IX35 front and back door storage case compared to the other three models more wide, practical better than the other three models.In terms of the trunk, the rear door openings of the four models are very wide, making it convenient to take luggage and items in daily life. At the same time, the rear seats all support proportional repositioning, with good flatness and satisfactory space ductility.Space summary: The four models all have spacious interior riding space. The leader S is ahead of the other three models in terms of length, width and wheelbase, and the interior riding space is better.Although the overall quantity of storage space of the four models is considerable, there is still room for optimization in spatial planning and detail processing.In terms of the trunk, the space ductility of the four models is worth affirming.In terms of safety configuration, all four cars do very well in this area, but in comparison, the Collar S is more outstanding, enjoying automatic parking and parallel assistance.However, the blind spot image of the side of the smart Race is also not available in the other three models, but the safety configuration of other aspects is optional, especially the cruise system is only equipped with cruise control, and the adaptive cruise at full speed is also optional.In contrast, the Landa lacks the front parking radar, but it is equipped with a knee airbag, which is rare in its class, and is more comprehensive in terms of passive safety.Safety summary: In the competition of safety configuration, The comprehensive performance of Lingjie S is better, and the other three models can be said to be equally equal. More safety configuration of Smart Race requires optional installation, which reduces the cost performance.Although fenglanda has some configuration missing, but other aspects or commendable, also make up for the lack of this aspect.Conclusion: Through the above comparison, it can be seen that although the four models have their own characteristics, they all have a common feature that the cost performance is very high, and the comprehensive product performance is also very good.In the article of the four models, in addition to just listed feng Landa, the other three models in the terminal market have different degrees of preference.If you want a big size, style tough model, collar S may be more suitable for you;If you buy a car budget enough, want more rich configuration, more recommended fernanda;Although Beijing Hyundai IX35 has been on the market for a long time, there is no obvious bright spot, but the large discount in the terminal market, I believe it will attract price-sensitive consumers;If you like more young and fashionable, but also good power performance of the car, the smart run is a good choice.