The human world: Qiao Chunyan pragmatic, Cao Debao good face, the two sides are irreconcilable!Destined to argue

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In the latest episode, The marital crisis between Qiao Chunyan and Cao Debao is publicized on the screen and even affects Zheng Juan’s wrong judgment about her husband Zhou Bingkun.After the middle age, a lot of ideas will change, especially qiao Chunyan, who has experienced ups and downs and is in the trough at the moment — perhaps there are all kinds of good dreams before, but after the baptism of the family’s daily necessities, there are only a variety of things in the heart of the family.These years, because Cao Debao’s father suffered from cancer, qiao Chunyan in charge of the financial power in the home to treat his father-in-law, spent the savings, but also borrowed a lot of foreign debt!But in the end, the old man still left, so how to do the funeral?At this point, the couple had a disagreement: Qiao Chunyan thinks that the family is still burdened with foreign debt, it is very difficult, we should simplify everything!Cao Debao thought that his father had worked hard all his life, and the funeral was only for once, so he must have a generous burial!Around this irreconcilable point of disagreement, the two argue endlessly, but in the end or the strong Qiao Chunyan wins — the old man’s funeral everything simple ~ a straw matting wrapped into the fire.This action, can be a thorough infuriation has now become a factory director, bone is particularly good cao Debao!People directly with Qiao Chunyan branch, moved back to their own home to accompany now elderly mother.(No matter how Qiao Chunyan said, she did not look back.)People have emotional and physical needs, and when couples are separated for a long time, there’s always something that can happen.This marriage is strong qiao Chunyan panic, if according to this trend to develop, that final outcome is divorce ah!So she must have to do something: appeal to dry ma – say, cry for a long time, but still do not see what reaction, the original dry ma already head is not clear……..Appeal to stem elder brother-this was the effect, but that with Cao Debao a meeting on the outbreak of instinct reaction, anyone can see their two people’s marriage has been dead in name.Although the marriage trend of Cao Debao and Qiao Chunyan in the original work and the ending of the plot did not do much to describe, but with their bumps and bumps did not reduce, even the current cao Debao side of the beautiful girl has become accelerated to disturb the uncertain factors of the situation!Can Cao Debao, who has been separated for a long time, bear the physical demands of not touching that young girl?I guess that’s not certain.Zhou Bingkun may be moved by this, and Zheng Juan said this thing, but unexpectedly will become each other doubt that they are so impossible to judge, it is superfluity.The author personal: at the beginning Cao Debao and Qiao Chunyan two people go together, full of calculation and cunning, this marriage from the beginning is that kind of with a purpose.Because of the cause of the door, Cao Debao and natural weak Qiao Chunyan one, if Qiao Chunyan is the kind of considerate wife, that marriage may also be toward the direction of the United States and the United States forward, but all this in the opposite direction…….Cao Debao wanted to change his heart for his heart, but in the end he was treated like this, and even himself was becoming irrelevant.What do you think of cao Debao and Qiao Chunyan’s marriage?How long do you think their marriage will last?