Yantai Zhifu District to carry out “3.15” fire products quality special rectification work

2022-04-23 0 By

In order to further strengthen the quality supervision and management of fire products, purification and standardization of fire products market, in recent days, Zhifu Fire rescue brigade to carry out the “3.15” fire products special inspection and rectification work, comprehensive rectification of fire safety hazards, firmly ensure that the social fire situation is stable.During the inspection, the fire supervisor combined with the “double random, one open” fire supervision information system, in strict accordance with the “Fire Products on-site Inspection judgment Rules” and other relevant laws and regulations, in-depth into the area of all kinds of crowded places,Fire alarm controller, fire door, fire shutter, fire extinguisher, fire emergency lighting, evacuation indication sign, fire hose and other fire products used in the site have been thoroughly and carefully checked.At the same time, to the inspected units to vigorously promote the knowledge of fire products, fire products to determine standards and identification methods for detailed explanation, and analysis of the use of unqualified fire products harm.Through the inspection, it effectively improves the awareness of the use of qualified fire products in all units, and provides a guarantee for the fire safety of the jurisdiction.Next, zhifu district fire rescue team will continue to carry out special inspection of fire control products, at the same time to carry out the socialization of fire control propaganda activities, improve the jurisdiction of the people on fire control safety consciousness, strengthen the blow for fake fire control products, and strive to eliminate fire hazard caused by the poor quality of the fire control products, for create a good environment for the fire safety.See zhifu at one point